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Lace Cashmere Wraps

Our designers have come up with an assortment of handcrafted lace Cashmere Wraps, pure Pashmina, handwoven in Kashmir with utmost precision and finesse from authentic Cashmere. The wraps are embellished with French Chantilly laces, in all sizes and shapes, for the ethereal romantic look, you will turn to time and again. A combination of ethical and sustainable fashion accessories, the wraps are a must-have for patrons of ethical trade.

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Size: 80in x 28in/2m x 70cm
Color: Navy Blue
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Who doesn't love the feel and treatment of a princess? Ideal for such feminine souls, is an ethereal assortment of laced Cashmere wraps handwoven to an impeccable finish. The wraps come from wooden Kashmiri handlooms over which artisans and craftsmen work tirelessly for days together to come up with luxury art pieces like these.

Makes a perfect gift: Winter gifting can be bothersome and confusing at times. But this season you can surprise your loved ones by gifting them something that stays with them for a lifetime. A opulent black lace wrap or a serene white lace wrap can never go wrong, especially when it is a special day in their lives. Gift them a laced Pashmina on their birthdays or anniversaries and make this day for them more special and cherished. These Cashmeres with lace are perfect for corporate gifting. Influence your clients, colleagues, employees in the office with this luxury piece from Kashmir and watch them happily overwhelmed. 

Be it mothers day, your best friend’s birthday or teachers day, now you can make an impression and delight your loved ones and family with the resplendent touch of pure handwoven Cashmeres.

Carry an exclusive fashion statement: Who doesn’t love to be styled like a celebrity? For the wonderful women out their, whose inner fashion goddess isn’t ready to dress up in monotonous accessories, here is a handcrafted collection of laced cashmeres, exclusive to the core. These luxury pieces are handwoven by ultimately skilled artisans from Kashmir, who spend weeks or even days together to create intricate details on the design and pattern of every piece you buy. As such, no two designs are the same and all look magnificently unique. 

Empowering the artisan community: There was a time when Pashmina ruled the world, and hence its makers got wages that they deserved. But the present scenario isn’t as favourable to them, as it was some 100 years ago. Hence its time to empower them, and encourage their skill, so they keep crafting masterpieces for us to cherish for a lifetime.

At Pashmina.com, we care for our highly-skilled Kashmiri artisans as much as we do for our beloved customers. As part of our initiative of improving the wellbeing of the artisan community in Kashmir, we give back 5% of our proceeds for the welfare of the artisan community. So, if you buy a laced cashmere wrap now, you too touch the lives of the artisan.

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