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Handcrafted Cashmere wraps are our most versatile offerings as they go well with almost any outfit and elevate your style quotient. The luxury pure Pashmina wraps we have in our collection are made in Kashmir from 100% authentic Cashmere and sourced organically in a cruelty-free environment

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Buy Cashmere wraps made from 100% Cashmere: Explore our wide range of Cashmere wraps and bring stylish new additions to your wardrobe. The premium look and feel of our cashmere wraps do not fail to lend an air of sophistication to your overall style. Our artisans use traditional looms to craft each design to perfection.

Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours: Cashmere wraps are available in 52 different colour options, including the likes of blue, grey, red, yellow, white, purple, mustard, teal, wine, etc. The vibrancy of these colours lends the wraps an irresistible look which, in turn, elevates your overall look. You can be sure that our Cashmere wraps are hand-dyed,

Exclusivity at its best: Exclusivity is what our products stand out for. No two wrap designs we offer are the same. This is because our embroidery artisans use their hands to do the design work - an art that has been passed down through generations. So, the wrap designs we offer stand out from each other with their exclusivity.

How to style with Cashmere wraps: If there’s one area where our Pashmina wrap surpasses other types of fashion accessories, it’s versatility. Be it ethnic wear or a western outfit, these luxury winter wraps from our collection blend seamlessly with different types of styles.

Here are a few tips to accessorise your look with a Cashmere wrap:

Pashmina Wrap for Weddings

One of the best ways to style a wrap is with a lehenga. Just drape it around your shoulders. You can either throw one of the ends over the opposite shoulder or let them hang loosely in front.

Cashmere Wraps for Formal Events

If you are wearing a formal saree and it gets cold, put on a Cashmere wrap and swathe it around you, like a shawl. Tie knots with ends in front to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Cashmere wraps make excellent choices for keeping yourself warm.

Casual Days, Casual Styles

Elevate the look of your go-to skinny jeans and top combo by using a soft wrap to tie a loose knot in front. Another style to try is to form a single loop around your neck while keeping both the ends in front.

Your Cashmere Travel Wrap is Ready

Add more visual intrigue to your airport looks with the best Cashmere wraps you could get. Fold the wrap four times lengthwise and drape it under your coat’s collar. Another way to style is to tie a loop around your neck while keeping one end in front and covering the other end in the back by wearing a coat.

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