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Ombre Cashmere Scarves

An ombre cashmere scarf that showcases the impeccable quality and addictive texture of authentic Kashmiri Pashmina, handcrafted impeccably over a wooden handloom in the picturesque vale of Kashmir. The collection features brilliant shades of Cashmere scarves that host two different colors erupting in an ombre pattern. Acquired in a cruelty-free way, our Pure Cashmere scarves contribute to philanthropic activities and responsible fashion.

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An ombre Cashmere scarf is purely handwoven over the traditional wooden handloom where a number of skilled artisans work together and weave the luxury Pashm threads, acquired directly from Ladakh, in warps and wefts. An ombre Cashmere scarf, hence prepared is heavenly soft, light weight and carries an ultimate smoothness, which lends a blissful winter experience.

Choose from over a 50 shades and patterns of our largest collection of the Ombre scarf with cashmere as its base. Be it hot reds, brazen blacks, serene whites or pretty pinks, we have them all in their best versions and combinations, and of course, in their ombre renditions.

Our collection of designer cashmere scarves is pure, authentic and certified from the Ministry of Textiles. Our quest to provide you the best and the real version of the world famous Kashmiri Cashmere leads us to making of pure Pashminas, which are authentic in terms of quality and technique The certificate of authenticity that you get with every ombre cashmere you choose from us is our affirmation of the high-quality standards we strive for. We have the flexibility to send you the copies of the batch test reports in case you want to learn more about the quality of the shawl you plan on purchasing. 

Want to fascinate your loved one by gifting her the perfect gift? Nothing can go wrong with a beautiful Women's Cashmere scarf. You can gift an ombre Cashmere scarf to your best friend on her birthday, and make her special day more special.

Each handcrafted scarf from Cashmere is exclusive in terms of design because our artisans spend days and weeks on end to handweave every Cashmere scarf. As such, no two designs are the ever same, and you shine with exclusivity.

If there’s somewhere our Pashmina wrap surpasses other types of fashion accessories, it’s versatility. Be it ethnic wear or a western outfit, these luxury ombre scarves from our collection blend seamlessly with different types of styles. 

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