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Embroidered Cashmere Scarves

Our penchant for cozy accessorizing led us to design this luxury collection of authentic Embroidered scarves. Handwoven over classic wooden handlooms and hand-embroidered by expert hands - in pure and authentic Kashmiri Pashmina, each embroidered scarf is emblazoned with classic motifs of traditional embroidery. These luxury classic are sustainability forward and produced by people and planet conscious artisans of Kashmir.

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Hand embroidered by expert artisans from the core of Kashmir valley, here is a regal assortment of embroidered Cashmere scarves, which hosts breath-taking Kashmiri embroidery patterns over the lush base of Pashmina. Be it the shimmers of Tilla Dozi, the intricacy of Sozni Kari, or the colourful burst of Kashmiri Paper Mache, these embroidered Cashmere Scarves are a treat to drape.

Each pure hand embroidered scarf is purely handwoven over the traditional wooden handlooms where a number of skilled artisans work together and weave the luxury Pashm threads, acquired directly from Ladakh, in warps and wefts. What comes into existence is a heavenly soft winter accessory ideal to envelop you in warmth and coziness.

Our collection of hand embroidered Pashmina scarf is pure, authentic and certified from the Ministry of Textiles. Our quest to provide you the best and the real version of the world famous Kashmiri Cashmere leads us to making of pure Pashminas, which are authentic in terms of quality and technique The certificate of authenticity that you get with every cashmere scarf you choose from us is our affirmation of the high-quality standards we strive for. We have the flexibility to send you the copies of the batch test reports in case you want to learn more about the quality of the shawl you plan on purchasing. 

A whisper-soft authentic hand embroidered scarf is something that you pass from one generation to another. An original Pashmina scarf is one fashion accessory that has stood the test of time and is always in vogue. Back in the ancient days, Pashmina was the fabric of choice of the Sikh maharajas, British and French aristocrats, and Mughal kings. The Pashmina shawls you choose from us are crafted with the traditional art of Kashmiri weaving that has been passed down through generations. 

Real Embroidered cashmere scarves are a lifelong fashion companion. However, it is a must to give them the care they deserve in order to preserve their pristineness. When cleaning your Cashmere scarves, get them professionally dry cleaned and ironed. Store your Cashmere scarves safely with sachets of dried Azadirachta indica or Indian Lilac to prevent moth infestation.