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Anniversary Gifts

Bespoke beauties for those who you would love to make feel special

Why choose Cashmere

A true symbol of love, Cashmere is pleasantly warm and caressing. These beauties are a reminiscence of the love and support you share and that you are always there for each other. Handpicked from amongst a plethora of classic designs, each one of these handmade wraps will make them feel pampered and adored.

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The Making

Raw Cashmere of these ethreal wrap accessories comes from Kashmir, where an exotic goat sheds her undercoat in hot summers. This fur is manually acquired, cleaned, spun and handwoven to make luxury Cashmere wraps and scarves, Pashmina shawls, hijabs and many more exquisite accessories.

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Where to next?

Discover fashion to go with every date in your diary

Your workwear agenda

Workwear Fashion

Make Monday to Friday effortless with these stylish, office-ready Cashmere wraps and scarves.

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Modern modesty

Casual & Modish

Take style cues from our stylist guides. Discover plethora of styles for an everyday sophisticated styling

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Evening updates

Evening Updates

Whether you love shimmery or more relaxed cover ups, a good time is guaranteed with this luxury assortment

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The Touch
Of Personalization

What better gift to give them on anniversaries, birthdays or a child birth than a customized Pashmina. Add a personal touch to luxury Cashmere wraps and scarves and make it a memory to remember. From their name initials, to logos, monograms to specific dates, we add personalized embroidery motifs to your precious pieces and conform to your inclination towards aesthetic gifting

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